During a Major Storm: Avoid Water Damage

Avoiding Water Damage During a Major Storm

Avoiding Water Damage During a Major Storm

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States. Unfortunately, you don’t always have to live right next to a body of water for it to happen. Hurricanes, water runoff, and even melting snow can all create substantial water damage in a home.

Giving your house the protection it needs before the major storm comes through your area can keep water from destroying fundamental parts of your home.


Sandbags have been used for centuries to prevent flooding. They’re effective for diverting water, which makes them a great line of defense. Sandbags are generally made of burlap. They often hold coarse sand. They can be stacked to build barriers around low-lying areas of the home to protect water from getting in doors or damaging the foundation.

If your home requires this protection in multiple places, remember that you should not completely surround your home. Leave breaks every once in a while to leave spaces for water that lands next to your house from gutters and downspouts to escape.

You can also put a tarp on your roof. While this can protect your roof in general, it can be particularly helpful for homes with a weak spot that is yet to be fixed. Weak spots should be secured with a piece of screwed-in wood before the tarp is placed. The tarp can then be secured with 2×4 boards, screws, and cap nails.


It’s a popular myth that taping an ‘X’ over your windows can prevent them from breaking in the event of a flood. Unfortunately, this is not true. Instead, if a window breaks while taped, it will shatter into larger pieces than it would have normally. These large pieces of glass are actually far more dangerous to household members and pets. Instead, board up windows to protect them.

Documents and Books

If flooding seems likely, put your important pictures, documents, and books in airtight bins and containers. They should be placed at the highest point of your home. While some may suggest relying on the seal of a dishwasher to house your vulnerable documents, this method can be unreliable.

Repairing Water Damage

Unfortunately, sometimes even the most prepared homes find themselves with water damage. If your home needs repair, you can count on MBC Capital General Contractors to provide the high-quality work you need right away. Give us a call at (337) 366-3237, or visit us online to let us know how we can best serve you.

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