Water Damage Restoration: The Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the most severe problems that can affect your home. Improper and inadequate  water damage restoration can lead to long-term consequences like mold or even a compromised structure. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to water damage restoration.

Don’t Wait

When you’ve got water coming into your home from any source, you have a serious problem. Water that is left in place can destroy your personal property, along with the structure of your home. It’s important to get the source of the water addressed and mitigation underway right away.

Do Secure the Area

In the case of water damage from burst pipes or other sources within the home, turn off the water supply immediately. Shut down your home’s power, as well. 

If the water is coming in from outside, cover the exposed structure with tarps to prevent more water from entering your home.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

If your home is subject to substantial flooding, there is a significant chance of electrical shock if your power is still on. Don’t take unnecessary risks by entering the home. Wait for the professionals to arrive so that they can help you handle things safely. 

Do Clean Up What You Can

Depending on just how much water is in your home, mopping it up can help. Do what you can after shutting off the water. Remove as many items as you can to a dry location, especially fabric-covered items or wooden furniture.

Don’t Try to Repair Things on Your Own

When disaster strikes and you find your home with significant water damage, partner with a team of professionals that can handle the restoration. Mitigating damage, carrying out repairs, and ensuring your home is safe takes knowledge and experience.

MBC Capital is a full-service contractor that provides water damage restoration services. If you need water damage restoration, contact us now for prompt and professional help. 

How to Choose the Right Contractor

ContractorChoosing the right contractor can make or break your home project. Having someone that you can trust to get the job done right can save you from stress, delays, or a blown budget. After all, you’re uprooting your life for a remodel or renovation; the last thing you need is an unexpected problem! 

While choosing a contractor who meets your needs is no small task, neither is a home renovation. Here’s how to choose the right person for the job: 

Ask for Referrals

Check-in with friends, family, and neighbors to find out who they used on their last home project. Most contractors’ resumes are their portfolios of past projects. Local contacts who had a great experience and are happy to show you their completed remodel or renovation are perfect opportunities to start narrowing the field.  Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Contractor”

Why Are Building Permits Important?

Why Are Building Permits Important?

Whether you are starting a new construction, renovation, remodeling, or home addition, it is imperative that you apply for the right building permits before the project. Obtaining one is easier than you think and it can spare you a lot of complications later on! 

Building permits gives you the authorization to legally start construction on your project. It also ensures that the work is carried out in compliance with the local construction, zoning, and building codes. Continue reading “Why Are Building Permits Important?”

Why Your General Contractor Needs To Know Building Codes for Your Area Inside and Out

General contractors handle a variety of repair jobs, ranging from electrical to plumbing and everything in between. However, simply knowing how to do the job isn’t enough. All general contractors need to know building codes for your area inside and out. Today, we’re going to go over why it’s important that they know how to complete projects that are up to code.

General Contractor

Building Codes Keep You Safe.

Safety is the name of the game when it comes to building codes. Every code in the book was created because of a safety concern. Some prevent fires, others prevent flooding, and others prevent a total collapse.

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Why Our Role of Liaison Is Important to Our Project Management Services

As general contractors, we don’t just handle the building of your home, addition, or remodeling. We also offer you a project management team that will coordinate all of the services required to make your dream home a reality. Here are some of the reasons why our role as liaison between you and these contractors is important.

Project Management Services

Locating and securing necessary contractors

Our project management team will seek out plumbers, electricians, or HVAC experts to help us complete your work with the highest quality installations and repairs. We also secure their contracts, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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How To Test Your General Contractor to Make Sure You Made the Right Decision

Choosing a general contractor to build or remodel your home can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know anyone that can give you a referral. Randomly choosing one from the internet, even with looking at reviews, can be dicey. Before you let your chosen general contractor touch your home, ask them these questions to verify you made the right decision.

General Contractor 2

Ask for insurance certificates.

Your general contractor should have at least two types of insurance certificates. The first is the workers’ compensation certificate. This proves that the company will take responsibility for any injuries that happen while the job site is active. The other insurance certificate should be for a liability or umbrella policy. This protects you in the event that damage is done in the process of the work.

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General Contractor: The Role and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a General Contractor

If you are considering a remodel of your home, you might be looking into options for contractors. You will quickly discover that you will need to work with several subcontractors for different areas of the remodel, such as plumbing, wiring, cabinets, counters, etc. Each craft requires a different professional. Keeping up with all of these contractors and organizing the remodel can be a chore that most people are unprepared for.

Responsibilities of a General Contractor

This is when you want to use a general contractor. Many people think that a general contractor does all of the work of a remodel on their own, but this is usually not the case. A general contractor provides all of the materials and services necessary to complete your project. That means that some of the work they will do themselves, but other parts of the work will be given to trained and experienced subcontractors.

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Contract in Contractor: What You Need to Know

If you are dealing with a reputable contractor, you will have a contract between you and the contractor outlining the work to be performed, a timeline for the project, and what the project is going to cost. There are some other components of a good construction contract as well. Understanding the contract is important for making sure that you are holding your contractor accountable.


What the Contract Should Include

The construction contract should have some basic information that absolutely must be present for a legally binding contract. It must have your name and contact information, as well as the contact information and name of the contractor. The contract should describe the property in legal terms, such as the description on the deed filed with the county. Attachments to the contract, such as blueprints or schedules, should be listed directly on the contract.

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Build a New Home or Buy a New Home? Three Reasons to Build

Three Reasons to Build a New Home

When you are ready to start the next chapter with your family and move to a bigger home, it may seem easiest to simply buy a home that is already on the market. But there are a lot of advantages to building your new home from the ground up. Here are some reasons to build a new home for your family.

Reasons to Build a New Home

Floorplan to Fit Your Lifestyle

You know your family’s needs. Perhaps you need an office or den to work or study at home. Perhaps you need a mud room off the garden. You might need a hobby room or extra children’s rooms for use as your family grows. While you can find a home that will meet your basic needs, only a home that you build from scratch will meet every desire and need of your family.

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Your Building Needs

Your Building Needs: Advantages of a One-Stop Contractor

One-Stop Contractor for Your Building Needs

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or adding an addition to your home, there are a lot of advantages to hiring a one-stop contractor for your building needs. When you want the job done right the first time, and you want the entire project to be coordinated and on schedule, having one contractor who can handle the entire project is important.

No Surprise Delays

One of the reasons that there are often delays in a remodeling or building project is that you have to wait for each subcontractor to perform their part of the project. For example, you might have an electrician, a plumber, a framer, someone to do the flooring, etc. When you hire a general contractor who handles all aspects of your project, you don’t have to worry about waiting on subcontractors. Everything will be handled with ease and timeliness.

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