Different Hurricane Categories: How They Will Affect Your Roof

Hurricane Categories Will Affect Your Roof

How Different Hurricane Categories Will Affect Your Roof

Last year, residents of Lake Charles faced Hurricane Laura and suffered its devastating aftermath. Many people that live on or near the coast know the risk of hurricanes and understand how important it is to prepare accordingly. However, not everyone knows what to expect as far as damage goes.

While there is no sure way to predict the exact amount of damage that will be done to your roof, you can get a general idea. Hurricanes are placed into one of five categories based upon the severity of sustained winds.

Below, we’ll explore the most common effects of the various categories of hurricanes on roofs and homes.

Category 1 – Potential for Damage

If your home is faced with a Category 1 hurricane, you should be prepared for some minor damage to your roof. The wind may rip off some shingles and falling debris such as tree limbs may cause damage to your shingles, roof vents, or skylights.

Category 2 – Extensive Damage is Likely

Wind speeds increase in this category and so does the likelihood that your roof will suffer from severe damage. Some of the things you can expect include large amounts of shingles being torn off and damage to the roof decking. Gutters, vents, and other roof accessories might also be damaged by falling debris.

Category 3 – Severe Damage

In Category 3 storms, it is not unusual for entire roofs to be ripped from homes. Roof decking may be destroyed or severely damaged. Damage to the exterior walls of the home can be extensive, as well.

Category 4 – Devastating Structural Damage

At this stage, the damage is likely to go well beyond shingles and roof decking. Exterior walls may be completely destroyed and roof structures may be entirely ripped from homes. 

Category 5 – Complete Destruction Likely

It’s fortunate that Category 5 hurricanes are quite rare. When they do hit, however, the destruction can be overwhelming. Homes in the path of a hurricane of this strength are likely to be destroyed entirely.

Don’t Panic…Prepare

There are two things you can do to deal with a hurricane. The first is to prepare your home by cutting overhanging trees and cleaning up debris. Then most importantly, stay safe and clear the area as instructed.

Once a hurricane is over, we can help you fix any damage that’s been done to your roof. Contact MBC Capital General Contractors to schedule a roof inspection today.


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