Before Hurricane Season: Prepare Your Home

Prepare Your Home Before Hurricane Season

Even though you may have hurricane insurance for your Lake Charles home, the best thing to do is to take preventative measures. Taking steps to help reduce your home’s risk of incurring damages will save you money and give you greater peace of mind. While your property may still suffer some damage, you can reduce the extent of it throughout the season.

Set Aside Some Supplies

In addition to suffering damage to your home, you may be faced with an extended power outage after a hurricane. Set aside a box of supplies to prepare for this outcome. The box should contain first-aid supplies, flashlights with extra batteries, and other essentials. Make sure to set aside bottled water and enough nonperishable food for up to a week. Continue reading “Before Hurricane Season: Prepare Your Home”

Being Prepared for Storm Damage

Being Prepared for Storm Damage

It is no secret that Florida is prone to severe storms with high winds, hail, and sometimes hurricanes. It is important to be prepared for severe weather and the effects of it on your home and property. While there are some measures you can take to try to prevent storm damage, such as hurricane screens or shutters or impact resistant glass, it is also important to be prepared for the storm damage that is likely to eventually occur. Here are some ways you can be prepared to deal with storm damage.

Being Prepared for Storm Damage

Check Your Homeowner’s Policy

Does your homeowner’s insurance policy cover you fully for storm damage? Most policies in Florida do include coverage for damages caused by severe weather, but there are some exceptions. Most people will get flood insurance through FEMA. Make sure that all of your belongings and property is covered by the policy. You’ll be glad you double checked if you end up with costly storm damage that you can’t afford to pay for.

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On-Site Construction Projects: Safety Tips

Safety Tips for On-Site Construction Projects

Sometimes it is not possible to vacate your home or business during a construction projects such as a remodel or renovation. While it is possible to work around your needs for your home or building, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. These safety tips for on-site construction projects should be passed on to all members of your family or business.

Safety Tips for On-Site Construction Projects

Do Not Walk Under

Do not walk underneath ladders, scaffolding, or ceiling work. Not only do you put yourself at risk when you walk underneath, you are also putting the workers in danger. Walking underneath ladders and scaffolding could knock it loose, causing someone to fall. 

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