Unexpected Costs When You Remodel

Unexpected Costs When You Remodel

Unexpected Costs When You Remodel

Remodeling can be a fun and exciting process! Designing, choosing furnishes, and seeing it all come together is truly rewarding. 

In addition, remodeling old buildings instead of rebuilding benefits society. However, remodels rarely come without some stress and unexpected costs. With that in mind, here are four unexpected expenses you may face when you remodel a home.

1. Permitting

If your remodel involves anything beyond surface changes, chances are that you’ll need a permit. Cosmetic changes such as painting and carpeting can usually be done without one, but if you are constructing, repairing, converting, or otherwise altering a structure within a city’s limits, you’ll likely need a permit. 

Permits can range from the low hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the location and the type of job.

2. Bringing Your Structure Up to Code

Building codes are designed to ensure that structures are healthy and safe. However, governments are now using building codes to achieve other means, including energy efficiency and sustainability. 

If you are renovating an older structure, there may be costs associated with bringing it up to code before you’ll be allowed to continue with the job. Your general contractor should know the building codes that are specific to your property.

3. Waste Disposal

If your remodel involves ripping out counters, cabinets, fixtures, or anything else, you’ll need to arrange to dispose of this waste. Cities often regulate the types of waste that can be dealt with through curbside disposal, so you may need to hire a professional removal company to take care of the debris. 

4. Unforeseen Damage

Once you start opening up walls, you never know what may be lurking under the surface. Termites, pests, and rotting wood can all take a toll on existing structures. These issues are often discovered during remodels. You’ll need to pay to remediate the root problem and replace any damaged parts of the structure.

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