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Roof Safety Inspection Essentials: Ways to Check Your Home Roofing

Learn how to spot aging roofing materials

A roof can have a shelf life of 25 years, so it’s important to make immediate repairs if you haven’t had the time in the past. Maintenance is imperative for longevity, as there are many aspects like material or workmanship that can affect it.

Learn to spot signs of roofing water damage

Even if you’re not seeing water on your dining room table, your roof can still be leaking as small leaks can aggregate into big problems, including rotten infrastructure in your home as well as mold growth. Check all areas of your attic for any signs of leaks, either old or new, including warped wood, mildew, or anything you store that appears to have been wet at some point.

Look for Light-Roof Safety Inspection Checks

Tending to your roof is critical. If light is being let in, that means water can get in too. Check the roof on a sunny day, and hit the lights before walking up the stairs to get used to the darkness. If you see any spots of light, that’s a sign of problem areas.

Roof Safety Inspection Essentials: Ways to Check Your Home Roofing

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A sagging part of the roof may be an indication that it is time to call a contractor. A sagging piece of the roof can point to other problems that need to get fixed, such as brown spots or water leaks. If you have a pair of binoculars, these will help you identify the problem without climbing on the roof’s surface.

How to inspect roof shingles

Shingles should lay flat, be straight, and be evenly spaced out. If you see shingles that are warped or cracked, water can get in. Missing shingles will also need to be replaced.

Check for signs of damage around penetration points in the structure that are missing bricks or crumbling mortar. This is a sign that water leaks may have occurred, which means you’ll need to find their source and take steps to stop them.

Inspect your gutters and downspouts

To properly check for leaks, you need to climb onto your roof, but a perfunctory check from ground level may also be sufficient. If anything seems loose or unstable, fix it before a big storm overwhelms your system.

How to Check for Roof Ventilation Damage

When the vent is not well developed, it can lead to condensation and moisture damaging the roof. Check your vents for any blockages like leaves, plastic or moss. These will stop air from escaping and cause major problems with the roof. You should remove any obstruction you find or contact MBC Capital for help.  One of our experienced technicians will come right over to remove the problem.

Request a roof safety inspection at your home to check the flashing

Flashing is the metal strips that act as a weatherproofing seal on your chimneys, vents, skylights and other objects on your roof. If the flashing is damaged, it creates gaps within the roof and can allow water to get inside. MBC Capital will remove the damaged flashing and add new metal strips, so there is no risk of water damage.

Inspect for Loose and Damaged Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are difficult to see damage, but you can climb onto the roof and measure any cracks or looseness around the edges. You should not climb on the roof unless you feel comfortable with it, as they can be slippery and unsafe. If you do so, we will bring safety equipment to perform an inspection and help you repair it without risk of injury.

Experiencing Problems with Your Roof?
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Panama City, FL, and the surrounding area are notorious for unpredictable weather, especially during storm season. The performance of your roof is never a question, especially when it is the only thing separating your inside from the outside. A roof’s purpose is to protect what’s inside, so choosing the right company could be crucial. Leaks can cause major problems unless they’re caught early on.

At MBC Capital, we know the importance of having a reliable roof over your head. We conduct complete inspections, ensuring that all aspects regarding the performance of your roof are met. Our entire team of roofing technicians has years of experience dealing with various types of roof systems and knowing how to identify when there is something that poses a risk to your home or building.   Extensive roof safety inspection knowledge & experience are of the many reasons we are one of Panama City’s top roofing companies.

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You want to ensure that the roof over your home and/or commercial building is safe, secure, and undamaged no matter the stress it experiences. Keep those leaks at bay and catch potential threats early with this handy guide to checking your roof.  Florida roofs are constantly experiencing extreme elements of weather such as spring showers, intense summer heat, and horrible storms. Simple regular checks by a professional will help keep your home and building free from leaks and protected from unpredictable Florida weather.