Storm Damage Assessment: What Is Included?

What Is Included in a Storm Damage Assessment?

If you’ve gone through a storm, even if you and your loved ones are perfectly intact, it’s possible that your home could’ve taken a considerable amount of damage. It’s in your best interest to do a Storm Damage Assessment if you want to file a claim with your insurer. 

What Is Included in a Storm Damage Assessment?

If the damage is visibly severe, it’s likely that you’re going to need to call in a professional and keep from inspecting it yourself. There are contractors who are skilled and equipped to perform an assessment based on the following: 

The Exterior 

Their first objective in assessing storm damage will focus on the state of your roof, which bears the brunt of the damage in a storm. The goal is to check for raised or missing tiles, along with any dents or tears along with your gutter system. While you shouldn’t get a ladder and inspect the roof yourself for fear of injury, it’s helpful to circle around the house to get as much of a sense as possible of what might be wrong.

Here are some other aspects of your home’s exterior that will be inspected:

  • Your AC unit
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding

A professional will check these areas and the space around them for water, wind, and hail damage. You can test your doors or windows yourself, but when dealing with something like a potentially faulty AC unit, it’s best to let a contractor handle it.

The Interior 

It’s a lot easier to determine damage inside the home. You might be faced with water stains along the walls and floors that need to be taken care of. There also may be wet insulation or seepage in your attic if you have one. 

What you can do that’s helpful for everyone is to keep detailed documentation of all the damage done to your house. For insurance purposes, it’s best to keep everything the way the storm left it, taking photos for any proof you may need. It’s unpleasant work, but if you consult a contractor skilled in handling insurance claims, they can help you communicate with your insurance to get repairs done right away.