Why Are Building Permits Important?

Why Are Building Permits Important?

Whether you are starting a new construction, renovation, remodeling, or home addition, it is imperative that you apply for the right building permits before the project. Obtaining one is easier than you think and it can spare you a lot of complications later on! 

Building permits gives you the authorization to legally start construction on your project. It also ensures that the work is carried out in compliance with the local construction, zoning, and building codes.

Having a permit proves that all of the safety standards and specifications have been met. It also ensures that your contractor is adhering to building codes, keeps your insurance valid, and preserves the value of your property!

What Projects Require a Building Permit?

Some projects that require a building permit are:

  • New construction 
  • Remodeling of an existing property
  • Additions to a home
  • Renovation and redesign projects
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Major changes to the exterior or interior of your property

When you are planning an addition or renovation, no matter the size or type of the project, it is always a good idea to check with the local building authorities to determine whether you need a building permit or not.

Why Is it Important to Obtain Building Permits Before Starting a Project?

Building without a permit can cause a lot of complications. If local authorities learn that you have built, remodeled, or renovated property without a permit, you may be directed to tear down the structure that you just built! 

If your project does not adhere to building codes, you might also end up spending a lot more on expensive remodeling and repairs to fix the issue. You could even have trouble selling your property later on.

An Experienced Contractor Can Help!

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