Why Your General Contractor Needs To Know Building Codes for Your Area Inside and Out

General contractors handle a variety of repair jobs, ranging from electrical to plumbing and everything in between. However, simply knowing how to do the job isn’t enough. All general contractors need to know building codes for your area inside and out. Today, we’re going to go over why it’s important that they know how to complete projects that are up to code.

General Contractor

Building Codes Keep You Safe.

Safety is the name of the game when it comes to building codes. Every code in the book was created because of a safety concern. Some prevent fires, others prevent flooding, and others prevent a total collapse.

If your general contractor is not building up to code, how are they making their construction decisions? Following your area’s building codes means that you know the end result is going to be safe and secure.

You Need Your Building Up to Code to Obtain Permits.

If you need a permit for your structure, the structure must be built up to code. An inspector will come to check out the job after it’s done and make the ultimate decision. A poorly built structure will be rejected, and you’ll have to spend even more money getting it up to code.

Even if you won’t be needing a permit for the project that the general contractor is working on, having it completely up to your area’s codes also helps if you decide to sell your home. Home appraisers are knowledgeable about building codes, and having your property fully up to code will increase its value.

If you need a general contractor to work on your project who knows all about building codes in your area, please reach out to us. We’d love to work on your project and make sure that it’s done the right way the first time.

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